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Check Point Operator

A visual tool, simplified and adapted to operational staff to carry out preventive checks.



Increase equipment efficiency rate up to +5%.

Achieve a return on investment in less than 3 months.


Speed of implementation

C.P.O. is deployable on your site in three weeks.



C.P.O. is sized to perform from a few hundred to several million checks per year.


Adjusted to your activities

Create your own control sheets according to your rules.


Eligible processes

Level 1 & 2 maintenance, safety, quality, environment audit tours and anti-error system checks (poka yoke).


Adapted to your business

The tool was designed by operational staff, for operational staff.

Details on control paths


Each sheet includes your photos, your synoptics, your videos.


Control the health of your equipment with performance indicators.


Intuitive use and clear signage for operational staff.


C.P.O. is a software service designed to manage in real time control operations on equipment or processes.

We wanted to bring immediacy to the action and allow us to have the right information at the right time.

C.P.O was initially started by a Proof Of Concept (P.O.C) within the RENAULT CLEON and SANDOUVILLE factories on the management of autonomous maintenance. A co-innovation between RENAULT SAS and PRODEO followed, to succeed after 3 years of projects at CPO, deployed within the RENAULT CLÉON factories which ensures the conformity of processes and machines.

C.P.O. supports simple maintenance actions and Quality, Safety and Environment audits.

We have designed our user interfaces to be user-friendly while ensuring a high level of confidence in the data acquired.

C.P.O. has been developed for:

  • To verify the state of health of equipment and processes,
  • To shorten the feedback loop between observation and action,
  • To increase operational efficiency of the means of production,
  • To remove paper documents and Excel sheets.
  • Tablet
  • Opérator view
  • Administrator view
  • Configuration

Set of check tiles

Items to check

Administrator, frequency screen and recurrence of checks

Defective points

The Founders

PRODEO is a company created by several Norman companies, all digital players.

Together, we form a value chain that can meet a large number of needs of factories and companies wishing to invest in long-lasting and efficient tools.


PRODEO is a software publisher for companies


Expert in industrial data processing


Engineering company developing connected objects


A mastery of immersive 3D technologies and management of 3D flows in real time.


STARNAV is a specialist in image processing and quality control by vision.

Our partners

C.P.O. was co-financed with BPIFRANCE, the Normandy Development Agency and GROUPE RENAULT.

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